Group 25 - General Information
Last Modified December 24th 1999
Now entering our 30 decade

Group 25 is based in the Toronto, Ontario Canada region with membership now averaging around 30 individuals who are very interested in the all forms of automotive cars models.

The club holds meetings once a month (Except in the summer) and produces a regular newsletter. At meetings we try to have seminars on various modelling techniques, it is also a chance for modelers to show their latest project(s), gather information on modelling techniques and the latest news in this industry

The newsletter deals with club activities and has columns done by club members dealing with a variety of subjects (ie, Nascar, F1 etc.)

Unlike other clubs, Group 25 sometimes holds meetings at various members houses. Members voluntarily host meeting and are compensated for food and refreshments. This tradition allows the fellow modeller to view the members model collection and work area. Most members of the club have extensive collections and it is always a treat to drool over kits you wished you had. Of course the work area is spotless during the meetings but we all know that this is an exception

We welcome modellers of all skill levels and encourage new modellers to come out and ask questions

The club has been organizing a model car contest the past few years and has helped in organizing and judging other contests the past ten years. This is one of the big events for the club and is something the club does to help promote the hobby.


The second big event for club members is the fall hobby show. This is the time when club members bring out those models to display to the public. This is also an excuse for members to socialize and to build models for 3 days straight. Always a fun time

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