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"My Lessons With Kumi," a narrative/exercise book for performers, was awarded the Editor's Choice Award in the spring of last year by the Anglo-American Book Company in England for best book of the month among their publications. Colgrass' book comprises psychological principles and skills applied to performance and presentation, taught through fictional narrative and lessons/exercises. It is being used by teachers at The New England Conservatory of Music, and the Universities of Arizona, Minnesota, Ottawa and Toronto, among others. About to go into Russian translation, it has become a staple of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) trainings throughout the world.

"My Lessons With Kumi is not only a good bedside book, it's a useful manual to have in my office. I feel I can recommend this book to other lawyers for its many suggestions on how to "face the terrors" of this business (like speaking in public) and generally to help them improve their professional performance."
Guilherme Lacombe de Goes, Senior Partner at Gianini, Perelo & Lacombe de Goes Law Office, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

"What a novel approach to a self-help book. I can enjoy reading My Lessons With Kumi just for the story alone, with or without the exercises. This book has just been added to the required reading list for students at the New England Conservatory who are performing in community outreach concerts."
Kenneth Radnofsky, Professor of Saxophone, New England Conservatory, Boston.

"In My Lessons With Kumi Michael Colgrass has utilized his exquisite dramatic and linguistic skills to create an exciting and provocative circumstance in which the reader, awakened by the pleasure of adventure, enjoys while learning. It is an inspiring book."
Raymond Leibl, Psychiatrist, M.D., Toronto

"I started reading My Lessons With Kumi last night and finished it this morning. It is a wonderful statement of Michael Colgrass' integrated work and the dynamics of being. Kumi is a guru and a Merlin, yet a mortal who likes video games, junk food and nude dancers. Colgrass has captured the essence of the many lessons his experience and wisdom have brought him and presented them with the power of metaphor that will long be retained in readers' memories."
Gary Cook, Director, School of Music and Dance, University of Arizona, Tucson

"My Lessons With Kumi is about getting a second chance -- and a third, fourth or hundredth chance. As with the creation of a play, life is a series of opportunities to get things right. By combining his teaching tale with his manual of techniques and exercises, Michael Colgrass allows us to imagine how we might use these tools to shape our life into a story we would want to tell."
Jens Kohler, Stage and Screen Actor, Los Angeles

" My Lessons With Kumi is inspiring and truly motivating. Michael Colgrass relates helpful skills to many professions, life-styles and situations, making them useable for everyday life. Kumi's exercises are applicable to all ages. In fact, I can't wait to teach them to my fourth grade students this year."
Patti Payne, elementary school teacher, Colegio Cristobal Colon, Medellin, Colombia,South America

"I found Michael's book not only inspiring, I found myself deeply moved. This is the book I always dreamed of writing myself, and now here it is, exceeding my own standards, which are much too high for most. Incredible." Sonia Saxton, Director, Executive Coaching & Training, Saxton Partners, Harrogate/Manchester/London

Here are some reviews of "My Lessons With Kumi" sent by readers to

"Michael Colgrass is a very practical and entertaining writer. This book is a joy and an inspiration to read. It explains how to tap into your brain and run your life in the best possible way. By applying the concepts he has outlined and skillfully presented in real life situations, Colgrass opens new levels of learning and understanding for us all. "Thanks Michael for this wonderful book, which also provided an additional dimension to my holidays. I have recommended this book to a number of my patients." Dr. Don Fitz-Ritson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 7 September 2002

"I am a classical pianist who used to suffer from pretty unrewarding experiences performing no matter how well I played. This book helps you deal directly with the psychological obstacles that keep your best from shining through, and keep you from being in control and enjoying a situation. It manages this through precise mental exercises, which seem somewhat innocuous when you're reading about them, but the moment you do them yourself you realize what has been wrong all along. This is not written as your usual self-help book, rather as a well-written and interesting novel which helps develops the ideas it holds. I recommend this to everyone. It will improve your everyday life." Elena Hammel, Madrid/NewYork, 6 January 2002

"This is a book to have in your bookcase for continual reference. It is beautifully written. It is so clear and has such good ideas and exercises that is a must- have!" Carito Elfortin, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 24 September 2001

* Excerpt: Chapter 1:
See Your Nose on a Mountaintop
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