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Comments about Excellence In Performance Workshops

"I was taken by his great depth of understanding and empathy for the individuals undergoing the rigors of performing. His charismatic delivery and intensity of work charged the room with a special energy, as the participants were given specific exercises that were useful on stage as well as off."

Carol Wincenz, New York flutist

"The people attending Colgrass' lecture workshop had diverse backgrounds - students, administrators, artists, teachers, counsellors, and others, from teen age to 75 plus - and the variety of physical and mental exercises was a remarkable experience for all of us."

Abbie R. Smith, Distinguished Speakers Series,
Wichita State University

"I was one of the many students who attended your workshops, and I want to thank you for being yourself, not the prize-winning composer, but the warm and humane Michael Colgrass."

Jennifer Nagorka, Student, Parker Colorado

"Michael Colgrass has reached a level of understanding of the awesomely complex psychodynamics of stage fright attained by very few. His seminars are deeply valuable multidisciplined experiences and I strongly recommend your participation in these remarkable events."

Lorin Hollander, Concert Pianist, New York

"He teaches human performance within the context of the performing arts - concepts that apply directly to my own business world. Colgrass may not call this a management skills course, but it is."

Bruce Anderson, Software Manager, Austin, Texas

"Your presence was a great help to me in every sense. From those brief moments we had together and from what the many musicians, soloists and people from the chorus told me, you are quite an extraordinary and rare Renaissance man."

Stanislaw Scrowaczewski, Music Director
The Halle Orchestra, Manchester, England

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