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Excellence In Performance at the University of Arizona l997-98.

In September, l997, Michael Colgrass was invited by Gary Cook, Director of the University of Arizona School of Music and Dance, to give workshops in Excellence In Performance, and then set up trainer-training sessions among faculty and graduate assistants at the U of A as part of the music school's Integrated Performer Program. The idea was to train students in new techniques for performance and to develop trainers who could carry out Colgrass' exercises in his absence. For further information click on <>

Excellence In Performance at the Glenn Gould Professional School at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto.

Michael Colgrass will give a series of 26 three-hour Excellence In Performance workshops called "Communication Workshops - A NEW NOW (TM)." In this first full time credit course of its kind anywhere, music students will learn new ways to communicate their art to the public and design attractive presentations for performance in schools, private homes and public concerts. Along with performing standard and modern musical repertoire, they will create music and demonstrate the creative process to audiences. They will learn how to speak persuasively in public, walk on stage with confidence and prepare themselves psychologically to perform with comfort. Techniques will include neuro-linguistics, mime, dance, theater games, Grotowski physical training, musical creativity, self-hypnosis and other techniques from the workshop syllabus, Colgrass' soon-to-be-published book, MY LESSONS WITH KUMI - How I Learned To Perform With Confidence In Life And Work.

Goals for A NEW NOW (TM): To equip artists with the skills needed to 1) Relate to people effectively, on stage and off, 2) Design their own unique place in the music profession, and 3) Create a well-balanced life as artists and teachers in society.

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