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After writing a few simple demos, I wanted to start writing an actual game for the PC-Engine. After receiving positive feedback from other PC-Engine enthusiasts, it will be an "open source" work, with this webpage devoted to its progress. Updates will happen as frequently as possible, but I have a job and a family, so this is still just a hobby...

For simplicity, I decided to do a "falling block" style of game. Since the existing tools haven't really been tested on real-life development, I didn't want to try something too difficult at first. This genre of games are usually fun, but they're also fairly simple in terms of programming.

The source code for this game is published (with considerable comments!), for the purposes of education and attracting more developers to this wonderful gaming platform. I also hope to have the comments and other text translated into other languages as well.

The target platform is a "HuCard" (ROM, not CD), so it should be playable on most emulators and even real systems with RAM-card devices.

If you want to assemble the sources for yourself, you will need the MagicKit Assembler (v2.01) package from the MagicEngine homepage.
NOTE: Current version also available at bottom of this page.

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