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Our mandate is to provide clients with comprehensive and effective rehabilitation services for a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions where other approaches are often failing or leading to side effects.  



v     Acute & Chronic Pain Relief After Car Accident

v     Low Back Pain Relief, Sciatica, Herniated Disks

v     Frozen Shoulder, Hand & Elbow Pain Relief

v     Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Numbness

v     Neck Pain Relief & All Types of Headaches

v     Foot Pain Relief, Plantar Fasciitis

v     Arthritis, Hip & Knee Pain Relief

v     Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

v     Fibromyalgia    


MHI - Millennium Health Institute, Toronto

The Millennium Health Institute (Toronto) offers unique integrative program that combines the most beneficial, scientifically proven and comfortable approaches of rehabilitation medicine:

o       The core of our program is a proprietary technology for pain relief and tissue healing called LEP2000 Low Energy Photonic Therapy (LEPT) applied in accordance with Drs. Salansky Clinical Protocols. It was proven to be superior to any conventional therapeutic modalities including “cold” lasers.

o       LEP2000 Low Energy Photonic (Light) Therapy is synergistically combined with photo- and laser (no-needle) acupuncture as well as with

o       Codetron - randomized electrical stimulation of acupuncture points that promotes endorphin (natural body pain killer) release. Codetron is superior to the majority of electrostimulation devices.

o       The most advanced passive (hands-on therapies) and active (exercises) physiotherapy is used to restore function and facilitate long-term results. Special interactive exercise program allows gradual functional recovery for patients with severe pain and impaired function.

o       Unique customized for each patient LEP2000 Low Energy Photonic (Light) Therapy device for the use at home provides pain relief on a daily basis and consistent recovery even for the most compromised cases.

o       Customized nutrition and natural supplements programs work in synergy with Low Energy Photonic Therapy improving tissue repair, increasing body energy, and accelerating overall recovery for long-term well-being.  


At the Millennium Health Institute (Toronto), we practice an integrative approach where various specialists are bringing the best-personalized and compassionate care to our patients. Our team works in a close contact and consultation with family doctors and specialists. The Institute is providing conciliar approach (conciliums) to the therapy similar to the one practiced at MAO Clinic. Our team of health care professionals and scientific consultants covers a variety of rehabilitation and complimentary medicine disciplines. All our therapists are highly skillful in the uses of advanced technologies practiced at our Millennium Health Institute.  Our team of health care providers works under the guidance of Drs. Norman & Natasha Salansky, renowned world scientists in this area of rehabilitation medicine. They discovered principles of healing of various tissue pathological conditions with low energy photons (Low Energy Photonic (Light) Therapy) and were granted USA patents for these discoveries.  


Dr. Natasha Salansky (Filonenko) is one of the leading world scientists in the area of pain management and tissue healing with low energy photons and a practicing clinician. She is a scientific advisor and a teacher on the use of Low Energy Photonic Therapy and Therapeutic Lasers in rehabilitation medicine to medical doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and other specialists. She is a member of North American Laser Therapy Association and Canadian Association of Wound Care. She has been an invited speaker to a number of scientific conferences including the World Congress on Laser Therapy and NATO Military Medicine Symposium. Recently, she accepted an Honorary Position as a member of the Board of Directors of the World Academy of Laser Applications  (WALA).   


Professor Norman Salansky (University of Miami) is a world-renowned scientist and inventor of many medical technologies including Codetron and LEP2000 Low Energy Photonic Therapy Device.

Prof. Salansky is a member of a Medical Advisory Committee consisting of 20 scientists and clinicians to advance the field of medical technologies. He is a fellow of American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery and a recipient of Canadian Science and Technology Award. In his congratulations to N. Salansky our former Prime Minister J. Chretien wrote, “For you as a recipient of Award the future is bright… please accept my best wishes to success in your future endeavors”.  


The LEP2000 Low Energy Photonic (Light) Therapy (LEPT) technology is based on the healing properties of specific sources of low energy photons that are applied to painful and injured tissues to reduce pain, inflammation and facilitate tissue healing. Low Energy Photons are quanta of monochromatic light with low energies in the visible and infrared ranges of the light spectrum. Healing effects of monochromatic light were first discovered by Danish physician Dr. N. Finsen. In 1903, Dr. Finsen won a Nobel Price for his discoveries. Since seventies, “cold” lasers have been used for therapeutic applications in Europe and Japan, and later, in Canada and USA. “Cold” lasers could be used only for limited therapeutic applications, as they do not have sufficient versatility of their optical parameters. LEP2000 LEPT therapeutic system is used for much broader applications in rehabilitation medicine and includes as a component the most advanced therapeutic laser LD100. LEP2000 technology has been developed by Drs. Norman & Natasha Salansky as a result of two-decade scientific research program supported by the Canadian Government. Drs. Salansky discovered a principle of “Therapeutic Optical Windows” that represent specific diversified photon qualities and quantities that induce profound healing effect for particular tissue pathology or disease. This principle could be compared to the use of specific pharmaceutical remedies for various diseases; as for every specific disease a specific drug is required.  Drs. Salansky Clinical Protocols of LEPT provide sets of detailed instructions on the use of special sources of Low Energy Photons for various diseases that allow increasing pain relief and efficacy of the entire therapeutic program.   


At our Institute, every patient undergoes a thorough assessment procedure that includes conventional physiotherapy assessment and additional special soft tissue condition assessment with the detailed evaluation of every site, type, and severity of pain. Based on the initial assessment, a patient is offered a customized therapeutic program that is the most beneficial for his/her condition. As the treatment program progresses, a reassessment of patient’s condition allows fine-tuning of the therapeutic program to achieve maximum benefits. We are carefully monitoring patient medication and working in close collaboration and consultation with family doctors and specialists. For patients, Low Energy Photonic Therapy is a drug-free, comfortable, pleasant, relaxing treatment that was proven to be free of side effects. The healing photons do not produce any substantial heating or strong sensations. Patients may feel some warmness in the treated area (due to improvement of circulation), feeling looser and relaxed, some fall asleep during treatment. Over 90% of patients experience immediate (within 5-20 minutes) improvement and pain relief (by 10-30%), often – immediate improvement of range of motion or gait. In a double blind study on the efficacy of Low Energy Photonic Therapy for pain relief in joints, it was observed 40% pain relief only after two LEPT sessions while therapeutic ultrasound did not show any pain relief as compared to placebo treatment.  Active exercise program is tailored for every patient and initiated from the beginning to insure consistent functional recovery. Most patients are getting an extensive set of therapeutic / physiological benefits, depending on the pathology treated, including significant pain relief, resolution of inflammation and swelling, improving healing of tendon, muscle and nerve injuries. In a recent study, Low Energy Photonic Therapy, Drs. Salasnky Clinical Protocols, were proven to restore median nerve function in addition to recovery from symptoms.  Typically, a course of 8-15 LEPT sessions is required to achieve resolution or significant improvement of a single-site chronic painful condition. Recovery after acute trauma is at least two times faster with Low Energy Photonic Therapy. Overall, our program has (75-90)% of success rate (resolution or significant improvement of symptoms) for most painful conditions (frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, low back pain, and others) that do not respond well to other therapies. 

After nearly a decade of clinical research on and utilization of the technologies used by the Millennium Health Institute at Universities, Hospitals, and Clinics more than 50 thousand patients received successful treatment.    


Our address: 1600 Steeles Avenue West, Unit 21, Concord, ON, L4K 4M2  

The Millennium Health Institute is located at NW corner of Steeles and Dufferin.

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Pain Relief Clinic of the Millennium Health Institute provides acupuncture, photo acupuncture, laser acupuncture pain relief and treatment in Toronto. Our Clinic professionals are the best acupuncturists, laser acupuncturists and photo acupuncturists in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for pain relief and pain management. Our photonic (light) therapy technology implemented in LEP2000 and LD100 devices (Developed by Drs. Salansky in IMI Inc in Toronto, Canada) for pain relief and pain treatment serves to our patients (who often are looking for chronic pain relief or after car accident pain relief and treatment) more than 20 years in Toronto pain relief clinics and around the world pain relief clinics.