Janet Burke at the Factory Theatre


  1. The Life & Times of Mackenzie King, 1994-95, as Molly, Joan Patteson, Mother, Judy, Informer, RCMP
  2. Canada or Can't? Referendum Ultimatum, 1995-96
  3. Trudeau and the FLQ, 1996-97, as Suzanne, Factory Worker, Yvonne, Queen, Jean Marchand, Madeleine, Margaret aka Maggie, Reporter, Mrs. James Cross
  4. Trudeau and the PQ, 1997-98, as Margaret Trudeau, Yvonne Tremblay, Brian Peckford, The Queen, Waitress, Reporter, French Canadian Mother
  5. The VideoCabaret News, 1997-98
  6. The Life and Times of Brian Mulroney, 1998-99, as Mila, Reporter, Convention Delegate, Annie, Provincial Premier

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