Michael Carley at the Factory Theatre


  1. Trudeau and the FLQ, 1996-97, as Student, Jacques, Waiter, Andre Laurendeau, Hippie, Daniel Johnson Sr., Reporter, RCMP, Robert Bourassa, Cabinet Minister
  2. Trudeau and the PQ, 1997-98, as RCMP Officer Sam Steele, Robert Bourassa, Joe Clark, Allan Blakeney, Liberal Aide, Reporter, French Canadian Baby
  3. The VideoCabaret News, 1997-98
  4. The Life and Times of Brian Mulroney, 1998-99, as James Robinson III, Joe Clark, Robert Bourassa, Lucien Bouchard, Nancy Reagan, CIA Agent, Turner Aide, Hostel Warden, Citizen, Davey Crackhead, Donut Shop Owner

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