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What is Excellence In Performance?

Michael Colgrass combines techniques from mime, dance, theater games, Grotowski physical training, Neuro-linguistics, self-hypnosis and exercises from his lifetime experience as a professional percussionist, conductor and public presenter. Over 25,OOO people have attended his workshops throughout the United States and Canada and also in Great Britain, South America, South Africa, and Bali. These workshops began as training for stage performers, but the skills proved useful in other professions, and the workshops soon included teachers, therapists, business people, entrepreneurs, communicators, specialists in human resources and many more "performers."
In this workshop Michael Colgrass teaches physical and mental exercises that help you learn how to:

* Control performance nerves and eliminate stage fright
* Facilitate memory and reduce memory slips
* Increase and maintain performance energy
* Use self-hypnosis to facilitate performance concentration
* Coach yourself as a performer by switching perceptual positions
* Discover your strong learning sense and how to relate it to your other senses
* Walk on stage with comfort and ease
* Relate musical emotion to physical motion
* Align your art with your environment, your values and your personal identity

This is a participatory workshop, not a lecture. Performers wear loose clothing and will be physically as well as mentally active throughout the three 3-hour sessions. Colgrass' goal is to quickly re-route undesirable performing habits, and participants often report noticeable changes in their performance after only one day in his workshops.

Among the techniques taught are:

The Pre-performance Set and Hero Trance
. A set of mime exercises combined with visualizations recommended as a daily routine and warm-up prior to performance. Purpose: to relax the body, focus the mind for performance.

Self-Hypnosis for Performers. Two basic self-generated mind control techniques for performance will be taught. Purpose: to control performance nerves and learn how to focus concentration under pressure.

Hologram. A technique for switching perspectives mentally from performer, to coach to listener. Purpose: to learn how to coach yourself and to see, hear and feel your performance from your coach's and your audience's perspective.

Sequencing. A technique for understanding how you learn, unlearn and re-learn. Purpose: to increase learning efficiency and understand how to deal with stage fright.

Walk Ons. How to prepare the proper state of mind for the walk from off stage to your playing position on stage. Purpose: to increase your comfort on stage and immediately garner the audience's attention.

Life Levels Alignment. An exercise for relating your performance to your environment, skill levels, beliefs, identity and spiritual self. Purpose: to help put your art in perspective with your life.

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