Oliver Dennis at the Factory Theatre


  1. Lonely Nights & Other Stories, 2000-01 (with Leah Cherniak, Maggie Huculak, Martha Ross, Michael Simpson and Ker Wells)


  1. Escape From Happiness, 1991-92, as Stevie Moore
  2. 1492, 1991-92, as Massimo Tomata
  3. Lonely Nights & Other Stories, 2000-01, as Bloom; Ronald; Alf; Mr. Rutherford; Harry; dog
  4. Gynty, 2001-02, as Kari, an old woman; Mads Moen, marrying Ingrid; Solveig's father; a herdgirl; the Boyg, an invisible troll; Mr. Cotton, an American businessman; slave; receiver; Huhu, inmate of the asylym; Peer Gynt

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