Presented in the Studio Theatre as part of the Factory Theatre's 2001-02 season (opened March 2002).

Produced by Theatre Columbus in association with Factory Theatre

A reinvention of Ibsen's Peer Gynt (translated by Frank McGuinness)

Directed by Leah Cherniak


Emma Campbell as Solveig; Ingrid, the bride; a herdgirl; the Woman in Green; a Troll princess; Trumpeterstrale, a Swedish businessman; Anitra; a fellah, inmate of the asylum; the Strange Traveller
Oliver Dennis as Kari, an old woman; Mads Moen, marrying Ingrid; Solveig's father; a herdgirl; the Boyg, an invisible Troll; Mr. Cotton, an American businessman; slave; receiver; Huhu, inmate of the asylym; Peer Gynt
Kirk Elliott
David Jansen as Aslak, a blacksmith; Mads Moen's father; Helga, Solveig's little sister; the Troll King; Peer Gynt; Captain of the ship; the Priest; the Thin Man
Marcel Jeannin as Peer Gynt; Monsieur Ballon, a French businessman; overseer; thief; Professor Begriffenfeldt, Ph.D., director of the lunatic asylum at Cairo; the Cook; the Buttonmoulder
Martha Ross as Ase, Peer's mother; Mad Moen's mother; a herdgirl; Troll courtier; Herr Eberkopf, a German businessman; the Sphinx at Giza; Hussain, inmate of the asylum

All actors play wedding guests, trolls, monkeys, inmates of the asylum, crew of the ship and various other roles.

Set and costume design: Tamara Marie Kucheran
Music composed and performed by Kirk Elliott
Lighting design: Andrea Lundy
Stage manager: Nan Shepherd
Assistant stage manager: Katharine Meswak
Production manager: Kim Purtell
Carpenters: Ian Chapell, Nathaniel Kennedy
Painter: Shay Hahn
Crew: David Estrien, Geoff McBride

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