The Piper

Presented in the Mainspace as part of the Factory Theatre's 2001-02 season (opened February 2002).

Produced by Necessary Angel Theatre Company in association with Factory Theatre

Written by Colleen Murphy

Directed by Richard Rose


Joseph Alexander as Dink, a Rat
Patricia Cano as Hannalore, a Young Girl; Knut, a Mother (Mothers Against Fathers)
Jennifer Dean as Spit, a Rat
Victor Ertmanis as Pops (Poppenheimer), Mayor of Hamelin
Murray Furrow as Strom, Town Crier
Allana Harkin as Hooper, a Rat
Randi Helmers as Madame Speaker (Ida), Speaker of the House
Maggie Huculak as Dot (Della Ola Theobald), Ludwig's Wife, Tot's Mother
Melody Johnson as Pink (Paris Idelia Norberta Katharina), Pops' Daughter
Adam Kelly as Piper, a Wandering Minstrel
Ross Manson as Fugger, a Religious
Patrick McManus as Munster, Member of Town Council
Richard McMillan as Winks, Member of Town Council
Heather Rankin as Alvina, a Young Girl; Purdy, a Mother (Mothers Against Fathers)
Julian Richlings as Kingsley, an Introspective King Rat
Rick Roberts as Ludwig Theobald, Deputy Mayor of Hamelin, Tot's Father
Steve Ross as Wag, a Policeman
Benjamin Tabah as Craps, a Rat
Maria Vacratsis as Olga, Politkovskaya, a Russian
Aaron Willis as Tot (Thomas Ottoman Theobald), a Child; Zum, a Father (Fathers Against Mothers)

Musicians: Allen Cole (piano, accordion), Kevin Muir (double bass)
Composer: Don Horsburgh
Musical director: Allen Cole
Set and costume design: Teresa Przybylski
Lighting design: Robert Thomson
Production manager: Simon Clemo
Stage manager: Susan Monis
Assistant stage manager: Daniele Guillaume
Costumes supervisor: Mary-Jo Carter Dodd
Set construction: McWood Studios
Props: The Rabbit's Choice
Apprentice stage manager: Sherry Roher
Assistant to set and costume designer: Cass Reimer
Wardrobe assistant: Heidi Wrigley
Sewers: Erin Hanowski, Elaine M. May

Song List

Act I
C Is For Corporation -- Pops and All
I Cordially Request -- All
It's Like That When You're A Rat -- Kinglsey and the Rats
You Are Desired -- Pink
Hamelin, My Hamelin (partial) -- Pops and All
We Are A Righteous Town Within A Righteous Nation -- All
A Beautiful Hell Is Slicing Me Open -- Kingsley
Hamelin, My Hamelin -- Pops and All
A Black Death Knocking -- Kinglsey and the Rats

Act II
You Are Desired -- Pink
Hamelin, My Hamelin (reprise) -- Kingsley and the Rats
I'm In Love All Over Again -- Pops and All
Did I Kiss The Children Goodnight? -- All
A Black Death Knocking (reprise) -- Kingsley and the Rats
Say Au Revoir To Your French Perfume -- Kingsley
C is for Congratulations -- All
Love Is An Adjective, A Verb And A Noun -- Pink and All
You Are Running To A Land -- Alvina, Hannalore and Pink

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