Art in the classroom
Workshops with the visual artist
Paul Walty

Are you looking for art activities that will inspire your class? Do you want an art project that fits into the curriculum? What about a workshop that will clear the air a bit, or simply reward a class for its hardwork and a job-well-done?

Paul can help you out. He offers a variety of art workshops which can be tailored to fit your needs.

Go Figure provides you with a list of workshops, brief descriptions of each workshop and indicates all the materials needed. Should you have questions drop him a line. He will be more than willling to help out.

Stop-animation workshop

If you do not like paint on your fingers then Paint Storming (Paint 1) is not you. For those who like to get into the thick of it, this workshop will enable all participants to create marvellous, richly coloured patterns.
A great introduction to the power of abstract imagery.

The drawing of a First Nation Longhouse becomes three-dimensional

The Paper Sculpture Workshop: a First Nation Longhouse takes shape in skillful hands. The main ingrediant: bristol board or, in this case, cardstock. Next step: a little colour.

Ontario Arts Council logo

Again in 2013-14!

Paul was awarded another Artist in Education Grant from the Ontario Arts Council. This money subsidizes the artist fees. Keep in mind that visits must last a minimum of 5 days.


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