Art in the classroom with Paul Walty
Workshop Information

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Workshop Goals

Paul wants art acitivities to be pleasureable experiences, ones that put the accent on the creative expression of each and everyone's ideas, regardless of ability.

Workship Size

Special groups, whole or split classes, etc. Wherever possible, Paul will always try to accommodate the school and the teachers involved.

IMPORTANT: Paul's priority is to work with all participants on an individual basis. This is something he feels is a very important in maximising what each pupil gets out of the workshop. Very large groups limit this interaction.

Workship Duration

1 workshop = 1 full day / class.
Of course, workshops of a longer duration are possible.

What if a whole day is too much of a good thing?

Find another teacher who is interested in a workshop too. Split the day between the two classes.
Total workshop duration: 2 days - 1/2 day for your class on each day

Paul has found that the 2-day workshop is the most successful formula. This schedule gives the class time to absorb what it has learned on the first visit and, on the second, to return to the activity refreshed and energized.

Workshop Structure

Activities are divided in two.
Part 1 - the introductory / exploratory phase
Paul uses show-and-tell presentations and hands-on, step-by-step demonstrations that encourage participation and familiarise everyone with the basics.
All activities provide an opportunity for creative decision-making.

Part 2 - the full-blown creative phase
Participants have grown comfortable with their understanding of the activities and are now engaged in developing their own ideas.

Paul's role is one of individual encouragement, trouble-shooting and problem-solving.

He takes pains to share discoveries made by pupils with the rest of the class. Sharing and collaboration ensure that all pupils can participate fully.

Workshops are customisable
Paul will tailor activities to the curriculum and the needs of teachers and pupils wherever and whenever needed. It is always helpful to provide him with your curricular concerns so that he can adapt his workshops accordingly.

Have an idea and need some help with it? Paul enjoys assisting teachers and students in their efforts to shape their projects for success.

Visual & Media Arts

Workshop at Dewsons

Bold lines and a limited palette are not difficult to encourage when the results are so promising. A workshop at Dewson Public School in Toronto.

Paper Sculpture Workshop: a whale in the ocean

The Paper Sculpture Workshop:
A tale of a whale and friends. PHOTO: PAUL WALTY · 2003